Cinco Paus: More than you ever wanted to know about Wand Ordering

Abilities on wands occur in order from top to bottom. Because of this, some abilities cannot appear above others, since it would create annoying effects. This ends up being rather complicated, so rather than clutter up the wand ability list, I’m making a new post. You’ll probably need to reference the wand ability guide as well though (I’ve also added this to the bottom of it).

Generally, wands can be categorized into three groups.

  • GROUP 1: Abilities that kill enemies when they are hit by a wand beam. These always appear above group 2:
    • 29_o_espelho O Espelho. In addition, this appears above all other group 1 abilities.
    • 06_coquetel_de_camarao Coquetel de Camarao. In addition, this appears below O Espelho and above all other group 1 abilities.
    • 05_senha Senha
    • 11_acabar Acabar
    • 08_morte_de_lagarto Morte de Largarto
    • 09_morte_de_sapo Morte de Sapo
    • 10_morte_de_galo Morte de Galo
    • 13_impar_e_par Impar e Par
    • 14_alvo_preciso Alvo Preciso
    • 15_sangue Sangue
    • 50_o_terremoto O Terremoto
    • 01_ataque Ataque. In addition, this appears below all other group 1 abilities.
  • GROUP 2: These apply (mostly) non-lethal abilities to enemies when hit with a wand beam. These always appear below group 1:
    • 22_teleporte_outro Teleporte Outro. In addition, always appears above 02_o_fogo O Fogo.
    • 07_mascara Mascara
    • 23_dormir Dormir
    • 27_O_toxico O Toxico
    • 24_polimorfo Polimorfo
    • 25_duplicar Duplicar
    • 26_esgotar Esgotar
    • 28_urdidura_de_tempo Urdidura de Tempo
    • 49_caro Caro. This is a lethal ability, but the wand checks to see if it can kill a monster first before it burns a gem.
  • GROUP 3: Everything else, i.e. abilities that don’t directly affect a monster when hit by a wand beam. These can generally appear anywhere on the wand, with some weird exceptions:
    • 02_o_fogo O Fogo. Appears below 22_teleporte_outro Teleporte Outro. This ensures that if you teleport a monster away, adjacent monsters will get hit by 2. O Fogo.
    • 04_explosso Esplosao. Appears above 16_camarao_novo Camarao Novo.
    • 31_construir Construir. Appears above 32_demolicao Demolicao.
    • 42_envolver Envolver. Appears above 43_reflexao Reflexao.
    • 36_colecao Colecao. Appears below 25_duplicar Duplicar.

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