Cinco Paus Artifact Ability list

Version 1.6 (last updated 5/31/2018). Updated for new patch.

Some notes:

  • Artifacts are obtained by collecting 5 gems. You can pick between two.
  • If you already have an artifact and collect a new one, it will be shuffled into your active artifacts randomly.
  • Multiple artifacts appear in a random order. You can’t change the ordering, and instead must use them in whatever order they’re given.
  • An artifact can be used once per game (unless it’s refreshed).
  • There are 10 artifacts total, so you are offered every artifact once.
  • Artifacts can be upgraded by first finding 5 keys, then accessing the secret room.
  • The door to the secret room will appear once you walk next to it.
  • The secret room door only spawns on a wall that does not have the exit or the monster entrance.
  • On entering the secret room, you will be prompted to choose an artifact to upgrade (between two artifacts), then choose an upgrade.
  • Otherwise, the secret room just acts like a 6th level. No matter when you access it, it always seems to have at least one rooster.
  • After collecting 5 artifacts, collecting 5 gems will also upgrade an artifact.
  • After fully upgrading all 5 artifacts, collecting 5 gems let’s you pick a chest, potion or book (pick the chest ūüôā ).

Mao Longa – Long Arm


Takes a treasure.

  • If the treasure was locked, all locked doors disappear and you can collect the key into your inventory.


45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

A4_braco_forte Braco Forte. Your next attack instantly kills.

  • Can also kill ghosts that could otherwise escape.
  • Carries over into the next zone.

49_caro Bomba de Brilho. If you take a gem, kill an enemy at random.

  • Weirdly, unlike other “Gema:” gem abilities, this does not cost a gem. You just have to take one.

A1_Embriaguez Embriaguez. If you take a health potion, you heal two instead of one.

  • This did not seem to activate in my last run. Not sure why, but possibly bugged when combined with Braco Forte and/or Instante.

A2_Riquezas Riquezas. If you take a chest, you gain 10 points instead of 5.

A3_O_Atalho O Atalho. (unconfirmed, have never taken) Recharges a wand.

14_alvo_preciso Assassinato. If an enemy is on the treasure you take, kill it.

estudo_profundo Estudo Profundo. If you take a book, learn two skills instead of one.


Lampia Recarga – Recharge Lamp

Refreshes a wand.

  • Cannot refresh¬†Varinha Pessoal.
  • Can be used to add a charge to a wand that has the¬†35. Poupanca, ability, even if you haven’t scouted the ability yet.
  • Because of the previous bullet, you can check if any of your wands have Poupanca for free by seeing if they are selectable before they have been used.

35_poupanca Poupanca. The wand you refresh gets two charges.

19_a_energia A Energia. Refresh another wand at random.

  • This may add a charge to an active wand that has 35. Poupanca as an ability.

B1_Curar Curar. Gain one health.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

33_A_saida A Porte. (unconfirmed) Move the door to be nearest to you.

A4_braco_forte Braco Forte. Your next attack kills in one hit.

B2_A_Chave A Chave. Open all locked doors. (Similar to as if you had picked up a key).

identificaro_gema¬†Identificar Caro. (unconfirmed) Play on an active artifact (not a used one) to identify a wand’s abilities completely. Costs one gem.


Varinha Pessoal – Extra Wand

Acts like a normal wand.

  • Has one ability revealed by default.

47_identificar Identificar. The only upgrade available, but can be selected four times. Lets you see an extra ability on the wand before you cast it.



Estatua de Sapo – Frog Statue

Converts a frog to be your friend.

  • The convert will always act after the enemies. So it can only attack something if monster moves into range on its turn.
  • If you convert a frog that is asleep, it will wake up (bug?).
  • If a converted Phantasm walks up to an enemy that is asleep, it will get one free hit in before the enemy wakes up (bug?). This means, unlike your avatar, it can kill a Phantasm that is asleep by walking up to it and attacking.
  • If the frog has Raiz Esquerda (the ability that prevents movement until a spell is cast), it can only cast it on other enemies that have Raiz Esquerda. Because it will act last, this means it will always lose duels against other Phantasms, and will often be unable to move.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

25_duplicar Duplicar. Copies the enemy you just converted.

  • If there isn’t an adjacent empty space to the converted enemy, you don’t get the copy.
  • If the enemy is standing on a treasure, the treasure gets converted too.
  • All status effects are copied.

C3_Opcao_de_Camarao Opcao de Camarao. Lets you convert shrimp.

C1_Opcao_de_Lagarto Opcao de Lagarto. Lets you convert lizards.

07_mascara Opcao de Fantasma. Lets you convert phantasms.

C2_Opcao_de_Galo Opcao de Galo. Lets you convert Roosters, but costs a gem.

  • If you have no gems, Roosters won’t be selectable.

29_o_espelho O Espelho. Kills a random enemy of the same type as the enemy converted (if there is one).

28_urdidura_de_tempo Urdidura de Tempo. Sends the converted enemy to the next zone.

  • If you also have Duplicar, the duplicated enemy will stay in this zone.


Cogumelos – Mushrooms

Deals 1 damage to a connected set of enemies.

  • Does not hit enemies separated by walls (unless you take Condutividade).
  • Can be cast on one enemy.

B1_Curar Cura Amigos. Cures you and also any converted enemies if they are connected to your selection.

D_Tesouro_de_Cinco Tesouro de Cinco. If you have exactly five connecting animals, spawn a treasure on each of them.

  • 6 connected enemies will still only yield 5 treasures.
  • Only works for animals (and ghosts!). Friendly frogs converted with frog statue will work when combined with Cura Amigos, but the Scarecrow dummy and your own avatar will not.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

26_esgotar Escotar.

  • Remove all abilities from an enemy.

41_penetracao Condutividade. Lets you connect enemies separated by walls.

22_teleporte_outro Teleporte Outro. Teleports each enemy to a random spot.

  • Cannot be teleported adjacent to you.
  • Can be teleported to the locked treasure space.

15_sangue Sangue. If a monster is on a corpse, kill the monster.

  • (Unconfirmed) May kill you/friends if standing on a corpse and and connected with Cura Amigos.

27_O_toxico Bleed. Inflict bleed on the enemy.


Haruspex – Identification Tablet

Remove a corpse from the board. Identify an ability.

  • Your wands have 5 abilities each and form a 5×5 grid. The ability identified corresponds to the position on the grid that the corpse is removed.
  • Cannot be played if you have already identified the ability, or if there isn’t a corpse there.

D_O_Augurio O Augurio. Can target living enemies as well as corpses.

O_arquivo O Archivo. Reveals all copies of the ability revealed on other wands.

  • If there’s a copy of an ability on another wand, you can cast this even on an already revealed ability.
  • The above bullet means you can scout for other abilities you have by seeing if a revealed ability is selectable.

22_teleporte_outro Teleporte. Teleport your avatar to the space selected.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

48_esquecer Esquecer. Lets you target a space that has an already identified ability. You then forget it and get a new one.

50_o_terremoto O Terremoto. If you target the center space, deal 1 damage to all enemies.

14_alvo_preciso Assassinato. Kills an enemy on this space.

B1_Curar Curar. Gain one health.

F_Embaralhar (name missing) This artifact always appears first.



Esfera de Permutacao – Swap Spiral

Swap places with an enemy.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

07_mascara Mascara. If you swap with a phantasm, convert it as a friend.

06_coquetel_de_camarao Coquetel de Camarao. If you swap with a shrimp, kill it and gain one health.

  • (unconfirmed) Unlike the wand ability, I believe this kills it even if at full health.

08_morte_de_lagarto Morte de Lagarto. If you swap with a lizard, kill it.

09_morte_de_sapo Morte de Sapo. If you swap with a frog, kill it.

10_morte_de_galo Morte de Galo. If you swap with a rooster, kill it.

46_proteger Proteger. Reflect attacks this turn.

  • If you also have Instante, you can walk in a direction or use a wand and still reflect damage.
  • Does not reflect damage from enemy spells.

26_esgotar Esgotar. Remove all abilities from the swapped enemy.


Espantalho – Scarecrow

Summon a 5 hp dummy that distracts enemies.

  • Given the choice between you and the dummy, enemies will always attack the dummy.
  • You can place the dummy next to the frog spawn. This will block one frog from coming in, but all other frogs will come in through the exit instead.
  • Cannot be placed on a corpse.
  • Leaves a corpse behind when dead.

E_attaca_camarao Attaca Camarao. The dummy can attack shrimp for 1 damage.

08_morte_de_lagarto Attaca Lagarto. The dummy can attack lizards for 1 damage.

09_morte_de_sapo Attaca Sapo. The dummy can attack frogs for 1 damage.

10_morte_de_galo Attaca Galo. The dummy can attack roosters for 1 damage.

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

04_explosso¬†Explosso. When the dummy dies, this damages all enemies in a 3×3 arc.

  • You get hurt too.

40_dourado Dourado. When the dummy dies, it leaves behind a treasure.

(Picture missing) Revestimento. Reflect enemy wand effects back at them.


Casacao de Escape – Escape Coat

Reflect attacks when two (or more) enemies hit you.

B1_Curar Curar. Gain one health.

A4_braco_forte Braco Forte. Your next attack instantly kills.

49_caro Cobrir. Spend a gem and pass your turn. Attacks will be reflected even if less than 2 enemies hit you.

22_teleporte_outro Teleporte Outro. All enemies that hit you teleport to a different space.

Amuleto Amuleto. Will always activate (even if only 1 enemy is attacking you) at one health.

01_ataque Attaque. All enemies that hit you get one more damage.

30_adicional Adicional. A random enemy gets hit for one when your coat procs.

40_dourado Dourado. All enemies killed by your coat drop a treasure.


Bastao Lixo – Refresh Artifact

Refresh an artifact.

  • Never appears first.

F_Embaralhar Embaralhar. This artifact will always be last in order.

B1_Curar Curar. Gain one health.

A4_braco_forte Braco Forte. Your next attack instantly kills.

B2_A_Chave A Chave. Open all locked doors. (Similar to as if you had picked up a key).

45_instante Instante. Using this does not take a turn.

22_teleporte_outro Teleporte. Teleports your avatar to the door.

48_esquecer¬†Esquecer. Forget an ability on a wand according to your position on the 5×5 grid.

49_caro Recliclar. Pay one gem to recycle an additional random artifact.

8 thoughts on “Cinco Paus Artifact Ability list

  1. For the Lamp: A Porte moves the door to the top of the level, beneath the wand you selected. (You stay where you are.)

    For the Statue: Duplicar also copies any item that the frog is standing on.

    The Scarecrow can’t be placed on a corpse.

    Something that might be helpful for future investigation: when you open the tutorial in the middle of the run, all the enemies will have their upgrades and you’ll have all your artifacts, so you can test a lot of things that way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can confirm your description for esqueser for Bastao Lixo.

    Embriaguez also only healed me for 1 instead of 2 for Mao Longa. I‚Äôm still in the middle of this run, so I can test further… maybe.


  3. After a little more testing, it appears that if you have Braco Forte armed, Embriaguez will only heal for 1 via Mao Longa. It seems like this is a bug. Not sure if Braco Forte interferes with other artifact abilities or not.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have a bunch of screenshots of missing abilities. I will upload them alter. After fully upgrading all 5 artifacts, collecting 5 gems does nothing. I think it gives you a treasure of your choice.


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