Izublog #3: Dominic 2

This is part of a series of posts that covers Imbroglio’s Izu mode. It will go up on either the 2nd or 3rd day of the Izu.

2017-05-30 22.34.03

My eyes lit up when I saw the Plague Totems and Necromancer’s Mask this Izu. This is one of the strongest combos in the game, and also is one of my favorites to play (in fact, 8/10 of my current clears use Necromancer’s Mask!). We also have Forbidden Scroll (again!), helping Dominic to keep those dang snakes down.

As an interesting wrinkle, however, the rest of the pool is quite weak. We lack a clear “fighting” weapon to place in the center, especially for blues. As a result, we have to settle with putting Arcane Hourglasses and Jagged Saws in the center – hardly ideal! In the late game when many monsters start to spawn, it can be hard to keep up. Necromancer’s Mask and Plague Totems are great when only 1 or 2 monsters are on the field, but when the board is swarmed and monsters block your path to the star, there’s not much you can do.

Because of this weak late-game, I rejected Amulet of Immortals (as I usually do). You are most likely to die either from monsters swarming the board that you simply can’t clear, or to Rune exhaustion. Amulet has a place with characters that can get “unlucky” (e.g. trapped in a corner on a bad tile), but Dominic’s special power lets him power through most bad spots.

My initial build looked like this:

2017-05-30 22.30.19

Because of the weaknesses mentioned above, it felt clunky and awkward. I had a tough handle coming up with a “plan” for leveling up the board. So, as always, I looked to JackMule’s post for insight. After posting a truly incredible score of 235 with a similar board, he observed that your primary focus should be speed. I took this to heart. My usual instinct is to place my strongest combat tiles in the center, and my “tech” cards on the edges. This was the logic behind the above board. However, as an experiment, I’m currently trying something a bit different.


2017-05-30 23.13.27

The rationale here is that if this Izu is a “race”, I want the “fastest” possible board. Rather than waste moves funneling XP onto Necromancer’s Mask and Forbidden Scroll, I put them right in the middle, where they’ll collect XP quickly. I’ve also included a couple of Slingshots. They’re too risky to run in the corners (you get trapped too easily), but on the edges they will slowly level and might eventually be able to 1-hit a Minotaur. This isn’t the most impressive thing in the world, but given my alternatives, I went ahead and took it here.

Assuming that’s left, all that’s left is a lot of grit and a little bit of luck as I head down the final stretch to beat JackMule’s score. Wish me luck. I’ll plan on power leveling my Necromaster’s Mask and hope fortune favors me on my Blink Daggers. Wish me luck.


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